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HUB is a world for talents, but, first of all, people.

We are a network of young and brilliant professionals who strongly believe in the power of networking. We offer our skills to the active businesses and emerging young people in art & design, with the mission of developing new entrepreneurial realities, collaborations and personal growth. Our aim is to generate profits with care and a proactive spirit towards social and environmental sustainability.

D.A. HUB is experience, passion, learning and it considers itself the beating heart of Design 2.0.


Imo Ekanem co-founder of Deshabillemagazine.com first embarked, through the magazine, on a journey to discover young emerging designers, followed by Francesca Malagoli with whom she collaborates. During this journey they both realized how similar were the needs and obstacles to be faced declared by these brands of the future, to which they decided to give voice and answer, structuring a complete network in support of talent.

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