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Alice Conti interviewed Yossi Fisher, expert in Strategic Planning and business&brand consulting for fashion brands. Here Yossi's take on:

  • How brand should communicate with their communities

  • What is the perfect strategic mindset - how do your process information as a business founder, designer or CEO

  • About growth and failure - how the words that we use affect our actions in business

Meet Yossi

Kevin Beaulier

Social Media Strategist

Emilia Striano met Kevin Beaulier, founder of Maison Beaulier and Social Media Strategist


*Emilia :For all the new and young students and designers in this field, what advice would you give when it comes to brand communication?

*Kevin: I would just say to be yourself and to talk to a specific and niche audience: since che Internet is so large and hectic, it becomes necessary to direct your voice towards a precise group of people, who can listen to you and help you grow your voice and audience.



Beaulier’s arts journey began three years ago in Sweden, where as a curator he pioneered Maison Beaulier, an exhibition which toured Europe. Maison Beaulier held its first showcase in Stockholm in 2017, bringing together visual art, music, design, fashion, and culinary creativity, among others disciplines. It traveled to Munich in 2018, Milan in 2019, and then Kigali. While in Rwanda, it staged several further pop-up sessions. “It was all about immersing people into our art world, for them to acquire experience,” Beaulier explains.

Benedetta Peroni interviewed Stephania Schirru, an Italian - American PR and marketing consultant who has worked successfully with many fashion brands, taking them to another level.

Stephania love for fashion started with her glam Sardinian father and Cameroonian mother, then after a successful career in marketing she decided to dedicate her time to elevate clothing brands in the USA.

If you don't know how to build/reach your Customer BaseStruggle with Social media, or dream of Dressing a Celebrity. There is a course for YOU! A self-paced online Fashion Marketing Course that will help you build a solid marketing foundation to grow your Fashion Empire. Created by seasoned Marketing and PR Strategist Stephania Schirru, who helped launch several multi-million dollar fashion and lifestyle brands.

Available from now, you can buy ELEVATE YOUR FASHION BUSINESS IN 60 DAYS.
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What You Will Learn

• How to find your target market
• How to turn your business into a profitable venture
• How to create mutually beneficial relationships
• How to choose events to attend or show your collection
• How to run successful marketing campaigns

Meet Stephania
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