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Design & Arts Hub in Maranello

A Greener Future

We were invited by the local administration of Maranello to speak about our work.

As you all know we launched www.indahub.com to support emergent designers in their transition to sustainable and ethical fashion.

We've decided to open our speech with "The True Cost" video trailer
The event was a surprise, we felt surrounded by young leaders who want to be the guardians of the environment.

Thanks to all the speakers, the organizers and the politicians of the municipality of Maranello for this lovely opportunity to connect and move forward together.

Thank you Davide Nostrini, a politician so young and motivated to work for the good of his community.

It was a pleasure to meet:

Mayor Luigi Zironi
Environmental Councillor Elisabetta Marsigliante
Councillor Daniela Ottolini

Elisa Antobenedetti, Thomas lugli, Matteo Madrigali e Gabriele Bongiorno.

Ali BenkouhailSimone Vivacqua, Marco Boccia di Humanmaple (humanmaple.com)

Matteo Cimitan, Cristian Tagliazucchi e Sem Hamad di Terramara, Legambiente Sassuolo, Damiano Pietri di ABC BILANCE S.R.L., Marco Modena di Friday for Future.

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