Marco Castelli

A creative talent, an innate sense of style, and deep experience in the fashion industry have helped Marco Castelli create a collection for contemporary men and women, as his garments go beyond gender distinction.

Magnificent, high-quality fabrics are personally selected by the author for a style that is never conventional.




The brand

The first presentation of Marco Castelli's collection, during Milan Men's Fashion Week, was held on January 16th, 2022 at the historic Bagatti Valsecchi house-museum, located within Milan's fashion quadrilateral. During this private event, the designer set out to merge the artistic spirit with his vision of life.

The collection is an excellent example of aesthetics and a rare combination of classic patterns reworked with a unique style, thanks to geometric cuts in different materials, color combinations and textures.

The designer

"In each collection I put not only knowledge of the material and craftsmanship, but also my emotions. It is important for me to be able to convey a momentary feeling of perfection. I think not only about designing the coat, developing the patterns, creating the details, but at the same time I strive for perfection to best represent each of my clients."


"Since the first garment, created 7 years ago, I have chosen eco-sustainability following the philosophy of zero waste. For this, I have always chosen to wear custom-made pieces. All my garments are one-of-a-kind pieces made on the spot. Creating true Made in Italy, handmade and only on demand, establishing a real pact of trust with the customer. Marco Castelli brand was born with its own inescapable code of ethics, certainly interested in economic success but without losing sight of social and environmental well-being, a philosophy of life to do something concrete for our planet. Creating fashion through the use of refined materials of the highest quality, but with low environmental impact, both in production and disposal. This is the reputation that the Marco Castelli brand intends to win and preserve, to live in a better world."

Marco Castelli and the African project

"I chose the African project for several reasons: I strongly believe that everyone should have access to an education; many of the children who are born in the areas where Friends for Central Africa operates do not have the opportunities they deserve. Also, I believe it is a magical place full of potential.

Finally, in November I will go to Bangui in the Central African Republic and then, I will travel to the Pygmy Forest where the association has been working for 21 years now.

I became an ambassador through my acquaintance with Carola Muttoni who introduced me to President Pierpaolo Grisetti.

In 2020, I donated part of the proceeds from the sale of the fabric masks I made for covid, with the acacia symbol, to charity. I, then, decided to deepen this project and move forward, organizing a gala that is already in its second year. The event will be held at Villa d'Este Cernobbio on November 19.

I have involved several companies such as Tesla In the medical and technological field and other friends from the fashion world."

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