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Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing is strategic and here we will explain the reasons.

Consumers are increasingly looking for reviews and opinions they can trust before finalizing a purchase. This has created many opportunities for brands to strategically link with influencers in order to create authentic connections. The rules of the game are now completely redefined. With a combination of different strategies and contents, the profiles of these new professional figures aim to strengthen the reputation of the brand.

You will notice more combinations of macro, micro and nano influencers even for single projects. Macro influencers reach a higher number of people and therefore prove to be the right choice for “awareness” campaigns. Whilst micro and nano influencers are the best solution for a cost/effective ratio, generating engagement and conversions.

Brands can consistently invest, over the long term, in a network of players who are dedicated and contribute to the success of the brand by loving and genuinely promoting their product. For influencers, in the same way, the advantage of partnering with a growing brand for the long haul, guarantees the authority and authenticity of their contents.




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