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Create an experience for your users

You are trying to create a presence  “on the web”, we know it. Who isn't doing it?! Do you know your readers and your customers ? Do you know what they are looking for and what you can offer them? Do you still feel like you are yet to reach your goals? The goal of good SEO is to finally make your site VISIBLE by positioning yourself on search engines through specific keywords. A SEO professional is capable and attentive in identifying the intentions of your potential customers, creating a valuable experience for those who find and visit your site.

Let's start with the basics: S.E.O. is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimisation 

Once the strengths and weaknesses of your web pages have been identified, the SEO consultant proceeds to implement a series of strategies and practices which include:

  • keywords analysis (SEO content strategy)

  • editing of texts optimised for search engines (SEO copywriter)

  • optimisation of the contents of your e-commerce (SEO E-commerce) for information go to the E-commerce page

  • creation of your site’s tree

  • implementation of link building strategies




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