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Learn how to become a 3D designer

3D design is the creation of three-dimensional visual representations of objects, characters, environments, and more using computer software. This technology allows designers to create detailed and realistic models that can be viewed from any angle, providing a better understanding of how a product or project will look in real life. 3D design is widely used in industries such as architecture, product design, animation, video games, and virtual reality. It allows for greater creativity and flexibility in the design process, resulting in more innovative and visually stunning final products.


If you're creative, you love technology and design, then you might want to consider a career as a 3D designer.

With this INDAHUB online course you are going to find out what a 3D designer does, core skills and how to become a 3D designer.

This amazing role is very useful across multiple disciplines and industries. 3D designers work with architects, fashion companies, film producers and video game designers or marketers.

Register to join us, your career in the fashion and design industry starts with a good education.

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Write us in DM for more info or to indahub2020@gmail.com

Date: March 31st

Time: 3pm

CET (Central European Time)

Cost: 150 US Dollars


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