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The MasterClass series Learn from the best
A life focused on your talent.

Vincenzo Carpineta



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Beatrice Giannini


Costume Design

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Angelo Turetta


Film Set Photography

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Alessandro Zanon


Sound Technician

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Alessio Doglione


Film Editing

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A special MasterClass series



MEET THE EXPERTS IN THE MOVIE INDUSTRY Masterclass Series offer high school and university students a unique opportunity to understand what skills are needed to become the next generation of professionals in the film world.

5 classes in two days.

The program lasts a weekend and aims to give students the opportunity to meet experts active in the sector at an international level, open a dialogue that helps them embark on a journey of discovery of the various roles and professions.

In this edition we will start with:  Direction of Photography, Costume Designer, Scene Photography, Film Editing, Sound.

The course will shed light on the roles in the film sector, giving you the opportunity to understand what your talent is.

Ask professionals questions: what are the dynamics of the industry? What technical skills will you need to acquire in the coming years? What soft skills are essential for working on set with world professionals?

*** Disclaimer:

Due to the nature of their working schedules, the names of the professors are subject to change. Course dates will remain unchanged, except in cases of force majeure.

In case of cancellation of the MasterClass series from our part, a full refund of the fees paid by students will be made.

Registration for the MasterClass series will be confirmed upon payment.

Write to lacittadelladelcinema@gmail.com to be listed and to receive the details for the payment.

Cost 310 euro

Payment includes:

  • 5 Masterclasses in two days

  • Overnight stay in a single room

  • Lunch and breakfast

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